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Marsha Tessler President

Marsha Tessler

Marsha Tessler is an entrepreneur with compassion.
She has been involved in all aspects of the real estate industry for the last 20 years. She is a licensed Realtor with an extensive knowledge of corporate and property management.
Marsha’s interests have increasingly shifted towards giving back to her community over the last several years. She has been a volunteer and mentor at the SOS children’s village; a group home for children who have been abandoned and abused. She has given her time, energy and fundraising skills to such organizations as Beyond Blind Institute and Women In Distress.
Marsha’s experience with these non-profits has given her a profound sense of the plight of children and families in need. Her passion and dream is to create an organization which will help get food and shelter to many of these children and families who need it the most.
Marsha Tessler co-founded the Just Believe Foundation and is founder and president of My Safe Harbor.
Marsha is passionate about and dedicated to lending a helping hand to our hungry and homeless children in need of food and safe harbor.



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