Donation Letter

Support Your Community

Support Your Community

Dear Caring Members of our Community,
My Safe Harbor, Inc., was founded by Marsha Tessler, of Broward County, who saw a great need in her own community and is committed to lending a helping hand to help make a difference in other people’s lives. My Safe Harbor, Inc. is a community based non-profit organization that provides food and shelter to abused and neglected youth and their families. It is the partnership and support of involved citizens such as yourselves, and your organizations, that enable us to help these members of our community become self-sustaining and independent citizens.

My Safe Harbor, Inc. is a community-based organization with 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status. Our operations function solely on the food donations and monetary donations of private individuals, organizations, and charitable events. These events are held throughout the South Florida area. At this time, we have been partnering with the Seagull Alternative High School to help in providing healthy meals for the teen students and their babies. This gives these at-risk teens one less adult decision to think about so that they can better concentrate on graduating from high school and become a productive member of society. The people that you help are students who are most in need.

My Safe Harbor, Inc. – Fort Lauderdale, FL. is a non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to bringing food, shelter, and hope to the needy children of South Florida.
We are partnering with other local charities (Lifenet 4 families, Children’s Diagnostic Center, etc.) and are working to create a food bank that will enable us to have a constant source of food to distribute to these families.
THANK YOU in advance for your response in providing assistance. For further information please contact Marsha Tessler at 954-980.4617. Your donations will help the families in our community through difficult times.
With much gratitude,

Marsha Tessler, Founder & Director My Safe Harbor, Inc.
PO Box 5445, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074

“A Helping Hand for Those in Need”